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25th July 1999, 06:46
What's the difference between the two?

Steve C
25th July 1999, 10:29
APM works and ACPI doesn't? Well, that's what I've found.

ACPI is much more than APM is - it's not just power management, but also a plug and play bios replacement kind of thing too.

APM - Advanced Power Management
ACPI - Advanced Configuration & Power Interface (I think)



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25th July 1999, 11:55
yup... acpi doesn't work in windows 98 for me. I have a bx board but i have no idea if it's compatible... but if i try to install drivers for it under add new hardware. It just creates havoc....

25th July 1999, 18:40
On my system ACPI works just fine, then again I don't have an Abit.

26th July 1999, 23:38
OK guys .. so wat's the big deal ??
I have a Gigabyte 6BXE mobo . and i'm using win95 osr2 .. APM works ok for me .. suspend and other stuff .. so what's the big deal with ACPI ?? i think my mobo supports acpi too .. and from what i heared acpi works with win98 only .. i have a copy of win98 .. is it worth it ?? should i go for the install ??
now i can do the following : win95 r2
turn off monitor
turn off hd
shut down processor
turn off fans in suspend mode
What ACPI can do more ??
another question .. when installing win95 .. there's an option for APM machin .. or APM with intel SL support .. what's that ??
it's just alot of questions with no answeres till now

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Steve C
27th July 1999, 01:21
Yeah - that's APM working fine. ACPI also takes control of resource allocation (IRQs and so on) from what I can gather. If your system works as it is, leave it!
I would upgrade to win98 though.
The 'SL' support was for the old low-power versions of the 386 and 486 CPUs.



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27th July 1999, 02:28
The easiest way to implement ACPI into Win98, is to use this command line, when installing:

Setup.exe /p j

Should be AS WRITTEN, with the two spaces!

If someone wants to make it work on a Win98 already installed, I suggest that they read the KnowledgeBase document from MS on the subject, which clearly describes how it works! The text is here (be aware that you know what you're doing, before you start!!!)

Run Regedit.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Detect, add
a String value called ACPIOption, and set it to 1.

In Control Panel, click Add/Remove Hardware and have it run full
To remove ACPI support, perform steps 1 through 3, but set ACPIOption to
2. The settings for ACPIOption are as follows:

0 (or not present) - Detect only ACPI BIOSs on good list.

1 - Detect any ACPI BIOS.

2 - Do not detect ACPI BIOSs (remove support if installed).

It is possible to partly re-install your hardware without touching the
rest of the system.

First step is, that you have to remove the following item in the

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Cur rentVersion\Detect\ACPIOption

After that you have to re-install your hardware. The easiest and safest
way to do this is to remove the complete hardware information from the
registry. Remove the complete folder:


After that restart your machine, all drivers of your system have to be
installed new than.
It is a large piece of work to reinstall every hardware, but a lot less
then re-installing the complete system.
All hardware, including APM components will be re-installed.
Be sure that you have all drivers available before removing the registry

I just want to share my experiences I made trying to get that sh.. ACPI
working correctly on my P2B. So here are some useful tips:

1. Make sure you have the latest bios (1009) revision installed!
To make shure your system is now ACPI compatible run the utility
acpiview form MS:

2. Go to www.microsoft.com/hwdev/acpihct.htm and catch the file called
acpihct.zip. B4 you run acpiinst READ ON!
Acpiinst will try to install ACPI on your system if not already done.
To avoid that "where's my fuc.... driver diskette" DO NOT let acpiinst
install ACPI - better do it yourself by setting the option in your
Run regedit and go to
and create a new string called ACPIOption. Set the value to "1".

3. Next run the "Add New Hardware" in your control panel and let your
system find the new ACPI devices. DO NOT REBOOT B4 THE WHOLE THING IS

4. Now reboot and you're ready to run acpiview. Your machine must pass
the test or ACPI wont function correctly.

If you still have problems like e.g. your machine wont wake up from
suspend or standby:

- Fast shutdown must enabled!
- Make sure your TCP/IP setup via Control Panel/Network is set to
DO NOT change anything like e.g. enabling DNS or entering a host name or
your ip address. Try it and your system will not shutdown anymore or
wake up form suspend!
- For SB Live! Value users: Check the file vmcpd.vxd in your
windows/system/vmm32 directory: You must have version 1998 installed
(win98_45.cab) or you will get some blue screens while going into
standby mode. If you're not sure simply delete the file.

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31st July 1999, 10:15
I dont have the vmcpm.vxd in the vmm32 folder at all-some other stuff though, but it does appear stand alone scrolling further down though the system. I get a blue screen coming out of standby/ suspend to RAM.
Any ideas??