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14th July 1999, 22:37
I have a Mystique with a Rainbow Runner and I am using the TV-Out functionality to use a television set as my monitor. It works pretty well with one exception -- I don't see anything until the Windows 95 desktop appears. Is there any way to get TV-Out to start working from the moment the computer boots, just like a regular monitor? The manuals imply not only that this is possible, but have such a small amount of information as to imply it's automatic. I did do that one button push on "TV-Out for DOS" from the installation CD. It seems to have had no effect. Any thoughts on this? Are there any special utilities or drivers that could help?

- Don

20th July 1999, 11:25
First thing I would check is if the G200 BIOS burned in your EPROM is the Mystique TV-OUT BIOS. IIRC, you can burn a Mystique with a non-TV Out BIOS in which case TV out only works after Windows 95 loads. I purposely ran this way for some time because one of the early TV-Out BIOS's (1.5, 1.6?) had some other quirks I didn't like. This situation may have changed with later BIOS's. I don't remember the options with the 2.3 BIOS.

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