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9th July 1999, 08:14
I run a 128M dual OS (Win95/NT4 sp3), 128M dual P6 (Pentium PRO) machine, with a Millenium I. I'm on NT for geaphics apps, win for everything else. No free IRQs, no free slots.

I'd like to play one of the newer games (I usually play about a game a year), and have wondered if a newer Matrox card -- G200, G400 -- would leave the system intact while opening up some gaming experiences otherwise closed to me. I doubt that the G400 has/will ever have NT drivers, but I really know nothing about the device. I'd appreciate any suggestions that don't jeopardize the fine 2D performance of the old Millenium or the integrity of a system on which I make my living.

Best regards,
Bob Bollini

11th July 1999, 09:24
The G400 does already have NT drivers but the problem is more your system the Pentium Pros don't have AGP so you are restricted as to what you can upgrade to. If you want to stay with a Matrox card you are limited to a PCI G200, there won't be a PCI G400.

11th July 1999, 14:01
Thanks, Ant: needed that data. Do you know of any non-Matrox PCI cards that might do the job?

12th July 1999, 07:34
You can try a 3dfx Voodoo3 2000 PCI card. They are $100 at Best Buy (at least in my area they are) and they are still very nice cards. I am using one in my PC right now and it is a very good card. Not as pretty as the G400 or G200, but the video quality is much better than their previous cards. There are also a few nVidia TNT (NOT TNT2) PCI cards that you can buy, but I would suggest the V3 2000 over a TNT anyday.


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