View Full Version : G400 and High Color Icons

11th July 1999, 03:01
I just replaced my STB Velocity 4400(TNT) with an OEM G400.

My resolution is set at 1280 x 1024 and 32bit color depth. I can't get my machine to show true color icons even if "show icons using all possible colors" are checked. I even tried high color.

Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance.

Asus P2B-L
Celeron 300a @450(100*4.5)
256Mb Samsung PC100
Matrox G400 OEM single out w/32mb
Adaptec 294x SCSI II controller
Promise Tech Ultra66 controller
SB Live Value
WD ATA66 1.8gig 7200rpm
Aopen 40x IDE CDrom
Yamaha 4416 SCSI CDR
Iomega Jaz 2.0Gig drive SCSI II
iomega IDE zip

11th July 1999, 10:07
Umm, which OS?

503+ rev 1.2a, 128MB PC100 RAM, K6-2/350@400,RH6 & Win98,G200 Millenium (SGRAM), no plans to buy a G400