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1st July 1999, 10:13
and 64k upload dsl line.With my 56k modem
I get terrible pings ....anywhere from 400
to an occassional 1000 or more. Part of the
problem, I'm sure,is aol.
Will the dsl with the above speed lower
my pings to an acceptable level?I won't be
using aol.

1st July 1999, 13:37
Me, being a regular quake player (ping of ~200), would have to say hell yes! The DSL speed you are refering to would probably put your ping around 100 to 150 on quake, not sure on other games. Very playable, but not against T3 LPBs. I'm jealous,though! Just make SURE you get gamespy to find your best pinging servers! Hey, where do you live, and how much per month is the line? Thanks!


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1st July 1999, 14:13
neo,hmm...a 100 ping.I think that'll work.
I live about 20 miles south of Los
Angeles.The cost is 49.95/month for the 256/64 speed,including the isp.The only additional cost is 99.95 for the installation...no charge
for the modem but I have to purchase the ethernet card.The cost goes up to 79.95
per month for a 384/384 connection and
continues to increase as the connection
speed increases.If I go for it I'll let you

1st July 1999, 16:49
The only problem you have, surferpop, is the ISP you are using. Since Quake 2 needs 2-3k of bandwidth per player, you having 56k of it (namely) is really not the problem.

You can try to use program like Windows' "tracert" (bad) or VisualRoute (very good, but shareware) to solve where the real bottleneck is 'cause it's not your 56k line.


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1st July 1999, 18:15
This could be of help:


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2nd July 1999, 01:23

Your pings would improve dramatically over your 56k modem. There is a lot of confusion out there so I will straighten a few things out for you. First of all, you know that you do not get 56k. You really get 56k/8=7kbps at best! With a DSL line, you will get actual peak downloads of 256kbps and that is dedicated bandwidth. I have a cable modem and that is a shared bandwidth amongst users so the more poeple subscribe, the less bandwidth I will get. I paid 100.00 for the install, and 40.00 a month and they threw in the NIC card(3com Etherlink XL, bottom of the barrel, but it works) so as you can see, the cost is similar but you will be better off as time goes by since you will always have the same bandwidth(unless you have a real shitty ISP). The only other thing to note is that I get up to 450kbps download and upload really sucks, about 16kbps max. Hope this helps.


2nd July 1999, 02:32

I was hoping to get a cable hookup but
it won't be in my area until first quarter
'00 which probably means the last quarter
of '01.lol.From what you are saying it appears it's probably worth the extra money
to get the dsl line.
Thanks to you,neo and Buuri for your advice.

2nd July 1999, 13:02
Dave it is actually 53kilobits/8= 6.625kilobytes, the FCC limits speeds over phone lines because it would cause interference and noise. Anyway DSL is probably a good choice if you can't wait for modem or fiber optics =). Oh yeah AOL doesn't support anything above 56K right?