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20th June 1999, 22:29
Hi all,

I'd like to "upgrade" my SBLive Value to Digital. Creative says, there is no way to use the digi addon on the Value. They say there might be an addon later. So they have not crippled the Value too far ;-)
On the PCB I find a connector that says SP/Dif0, 1, 2 and 3 out, etc. What is that, 4bit parallel? ;-) Anyone knows, what comes out here, how to enable it? Could anyone please tell me what the SMD's on the digimodule are?


22nd June 1999, 06:22
Good news, there is an add on card available for the SB Live! Value now. It is an Optical Digital I/O card w/ 2 SDIF (IN/OUT), 2 Optical (TOSLINK, IN/OUT) and a digital DIN for midi. You will not be able to do all of the fancy features that us full version Live users can do, but you can still do quite a bit. The URL is,


and the cost is $54 US +shipping ($5-$20). I have ordered one already for a small time music producer and it works great.


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22nd June 1999, 21:21
Hi Jammrock,

what a ripoff! Creative had to build a crippled addon because they don't want you to upgrade the Value to Live functionality. On the other hand they cannot take the pricediffrerence between Value and Live for that joke of a PCB... Seems to be the typical Creative tactic like when they decided to replace SIMMs on the AWE with proprietary highprice modules.
I've found some very interesting stuff on www.hoontech.com, this company really knows what I need. Just look and smile!