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1st June 1999, 15:36
Well, I just O/Ced my PII 400 to 496MHZ, 4x on a 124MHZ bus. Is 44 degrees C an acceptable normal running temperature, or am I burning my processor? How does this 82.6MHZ AGP speed handle? Is it going to go bananas with a new AGP card like the G400? My PCI bus can handle it so far. thanks!

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2nd June 1999, 05:19
The temp is fine. However the question I have to ask is what is the temp after playing Q2 for an hour or so. This is what you need to test.

Only time will tell for the G400. It is hard to speculate on something like that.

The 44 is fine for the temp. If it gets above 50-55 degrees than I would worry.

Lee KC
6th June 1999, 16:49
Can try running prime95's torture test and see how high the temperature rise....


7th June 1999, 05:22
Wow! I guess I am lucky, my Celeron 300A o/c'd to 464MHz with Retail h/s fan only gets to about 89F (31.67c) after about an hour of Half-Life. Of course my case looks like this though:



By the way, that is a 17" monitor next to the case...

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7th June 1999, 17:26
What kinda case is that? And where'd you get it from? I am looking for a new case to replace my heat builder.


8th June 1999, 00:07
Looks like an Addtronics ATX Server case, but I may be wrong. Addtronics is the only company I kow of that uses the swing side door design and has fan mounts for every square inch of the case. My Addtronics has 5 fans in it, and I still have one more fan mount to fill.


PS - www.addtronics.com

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8th June 1999, 16:49
Jammrock: Can you recommend one of these cases? I looked at them last year. Just have a problem with the name of the company. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Flangor StrongAxe

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9th June 1999, 02:53
Addtronics cases ROCK!!!!! I own a 6896A case and it is by far the best computer case I have ever used or worked on. And since I am a part time system builder and a full time computer technician that says quite a bit. The case I have has a HUGE air intake, with a dust filter on the front (when my computer is running you can feel the air flow going into the case, it's cool). There are air vents in the back and on the top. You can put 3 fans up front, 2 blow across the motherboard and 1 blows air under the hard drive mounts (which hangs from the chasis). There is a fan in the power supply and 2 fan mounts on the 5 1/4" bay to suck hot air out of the case. The case is extremely spacious and VERY easy to work with.

The front pops on and off with no problem and all you need to do is loosen 2 screws to release a side of the case (you don't actually have to remove them which is cool because you never lose the screws). The side swivels open and can be removed if you want. The motherboard plate is attached to the peripheral card brace and can be removed by unscrewing 4 easy to reach screws. The steel used in the case is very high gauge, which makes the case very heavy (~35 lbs. or 15 kg) but it is very sturdy and well balanced (the 4 inch feet help out too).

All in all, it is an awesome case. The ONLY downfall to Addtronics cases is price. Mine cost $119 for the case w/ 1 fan + $7 per fan (I bought 3 extra) + $18 shipping for regular UPS ground = ~$157. But if you are a computer psycho like I am, it is well worth the money. Especially since I am always in my case doing something to the hardware.


14th June 1999, 14:39
$157!!! You are lucky. I got my case from Fry's for $399USD + 7.75% CA sales tax three years ago! It does not have a name on it anywhere. It is an AT case that I have modified after switching to an ATX board (AX6BC-R). I had to use a Dremel tool, and I went through 4 of the fiberglass reinforced cutting wheels! You are right, the case steel is about 1 mm thick!

The case originally had a 300W x 2 redundant Power Supply. Man, I hated taking that out. I did replace the PS with a HP Server 350W supply that is ATX, but is the old AT form factor. I saved about $400 because that is how much an ATX PS in the AT form factor costs! I work at a company that works for most of the major vendors. This was one freebie that really paid off.

The PS has a 5 inch fan, along with the two 5 inch in-flow fans in front, two 4 inch out flow fans, and the 4 inch cross flow fan all combine to keep the temps in line.

Anyways, it is a fun case. I have seven drives for 38GB total, and two CD roms and a tape b/u. I put it on a watt meter from work once, and between the system and monitor it draws about 388 watts total after startup! I use NT so I am not Power Management friendly. Too bad...