View Full Version : remove heatsink from P II, install new one???

11th June 1999, 02:45
I have a question for all of you. I am interested in putting a new heat sink/fan setup on my PII. How do I remove the heatsink/fan that came preinstalled on the processor? There are two hexagonal screws that I can see in the two holes on the fan/hs on there now. I have some thermal grease and I am interested in getting a three fan/hs setup. Does anyone know of a good fan combo that I can purchase out of the US?

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13th June 1999, 03:22
Hi Neo,
Take a look here: <A HREF="http://www.3dgaming.com/fps/techshop/AlphaP125C/Alpha3.htm"TARGET=_blank>http://www.3dgaming.com/fps/techshop/AlphaP125C/Alpha3.htm</A >
Good Luck
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