View Full Version : G200 is gone.

2nd June 1999, 17:42
Well, i sold my G200 the other day and picked up a Voodoo 3 3000 to replace it. I must say...i am really impressed with the Voodoo 3. Every game i play, i play in 1024x768 with everything on ( i would play in higher resolutions but i prefer my monitors refresh rate in 1024) -fast, and the image quality is great! I was expecting it to have poor image quality but it doesnt http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif
Anyway, just like to wish you all luck!
Cya later.

P.S The G400 MAX sounds kick butt!

11th June 1999, 00:11
What's your setup, Intel CPU or AMD?

I've narrowed my choice down to either Voodoo3 (2000 or 3000) or TNT2 (probably not Ultra) since I want 3D support in Linux as well as win9x. If I don't upgrade my motherboard to Intel I'm thinking Voodoo, for speed. If I do, I'm thinking TNT2 (32bbp, OpenGL ICD, larger textures, real AGP support).