View Full Version : New HD too slow for Video Capture?

9th June 1999, 14:14

I recently picked up the Maxtro DiamondMax 5120 20 GB 7200RPM hard drive. Running HDTach, I get results much lower than the DiamondMax 2500+ that serves as my main drive. It seems that DMA mode is active for the 20 Gig drive.

Now, I *believe* the problem is due to my IDE cable. On my 2500+ drive, I have an Ultracable on the 1st IDE connector. I'm ordering another Ultracable for the 20 Gig drive (on the 2nd IDE channel) but I wanted to be sure that I'm not overlooking another solution. Any ideas?


10th June 1999, 00:47
Put the second hard drive on the primary IDE chain. Eventhough you will have 2 devices on the chain, there will not be a noticable slowdown in data transfer rate and you'll be able to run it on a known good UDMA cable.