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Dr Mordrid
17th October 2006, 10:23

WASHINGTON (AP)—Revisiting one of physics' most embarrassing cases of scientific misconduct, researchers from Russia and the United States announced Monday that they have created a new super-heavy element, atomic number 118.

Scientists said they smashed together calcium with the manmade element Californium to make an atom with 118 protons in its nucleus. The new element lasted for just one millisecond, but it was the heaviest element ever made and the first manmade inert gas— the atomic family that includes helium, neon and radon.

If confirmed, the still-unnamed element would be placed beneath radon on the periodic table of elements, said Ken Moody of the Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California, which was joined on the project by Russia's Joint Institute of Nuclear Research.

The findings were published in the journal Physical Review C. The same research team has created four other elements.

If they keep it up they'll hit the 'islands of stability' before too many years. The 'island' is a group of elements with numbers from ~135-153 and ~176-178 where instead of being short lived like most heavy elements they are stable. Speculation is that they'll also have some rather bizzare properties.


Jon P. Inghram
17th October 2006, 15:53
Lemme guess... Naqahdah? :D

Dr Mordrid
17th October 2006, 16:18
Ununoctium is the placeholder name until a real one is chosen, but I thought Unobtainium would be cool ;)