View Full Version : Crash on start of games

30th May 1999, 05:16
my machine is Amdk6 2 350 128sd ram ,3.3 and 6.3 hdd ,traxdata cdrw,40cd rom,MVP3 VIA Mboard
G200 Millennuim 16sgram 4.51.010,
3.51 bios udated, buss mastering enabled 6.1 directx 6.1
Well the problem is that games like HL,Q2 unreal do not seem to work and i am getting really .......... with this is this a common fault when i had voodoo 2 card it was great but i had to give it back to my friend but i was under the impression that the G200 works perfectly but not on my machine i also put on beta 2 icd ..what is my problem plaes help ps thanks Kruzin for the info do you have any more The Games Crash at begining an lock up with blanc screen

30th May 1999, 15:38
Did you make sure that every trace of the voodoo drivers was removed from you machine? After that you might try re-installing direct x.