View Full Version : millg200 freeze win98

28th April 1999, 11:04
after minutes using win98, the window freeze and the solution is reset.
whats happening?

28th May 1999, 10:33
try to disable Busmastering in advance option in power desk

28th May 1999, 10:43
If you have to disable busmastering, something else is wrong. Only do this for troubleshooting. G200 will not function fully without BM on. Try giving more specific info. What kind of system besides just the mobo type? (although I can tell you that mobo could be the root of your problems...pcchips are world renowned for having more problems than almost anyone).

Arthur, If you are disabling busmastering, that may explain your 3D problems. Turn it back on and track down the real problem.

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30th May 1999, 10:36
Are you overclocking the card? I had a similar situation when MOC was loading during start-up.
Even if you're not overclocking, have you tried running this computer with the case off? Heat is known to cause the situation you're describing, and I would like to eliminate it as the culprit.

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