View Full Version : What is Win98 second versions real name?

18th May 1999, 05:42
OSR 1.0 or just second version or something els more hard to remember?And how can I tell that I have the second version of Win98?

18th May 1999, 06:07
By the version number, it ends with 2222.

18th May 1999, 06:09
The official name for the "new" Windows 98 is......<drum role please>.....Windows 98 SE. The SE stands for either Second Edition or Setup Edition, depending on which one you get. Current Win98 users can buy the Steup Edition os Win98 SE for $19.95US + Shipping and handling directly from Microtra$h. Win95 and lower users have to buy either the $98US SE from the store, which is the upgrade version, or the full version of Win98 SE for $1,456,734.23 at your local store.


well, the full version will be a little less than than that other number, like around $150-$200US, but you get the point.

18th May 1999, 14:28
It's Microsoft. They don't release bug-fixes, only bugs.

19th May 1999, 02:18
Thanks for al replayes!!!!

hmmm...one thing I still donīt understand
(perhaps because I havenīt asked you guys yet) is that there are both a OEM version and a retail version out there, whats the difference between those two?

19th May 1999, 07:58
The retail version you can buy in a shop, the OEM version only comes preinstalled when you buy a new pc. There is also a cheaper upgrade version that you can use if you have the first W98 version.

19th May 1999, 08:01
Win98-2 is Win98 SE, or 4.10.2150 ...

The difference between the OEM & Retail is if you buy Win98 SE or the upgrade.

The retail will be around 120 US dollars, while the OEM will be around 15-20 US dollars.... http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif


19th May 1999, 09:48
The 2150 version is only beta2, the final version is 2222.

19th May 1999, 10:18
IMO, dont try on the critical update notification feature, it will annoy you everytime you boot up by trying to connect to your dial-up connection to the ISP you set up; if you does not have fixed connection to the internet. Pretty damn foolish on Microshaft. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif