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7th September 2006, 07:33
Took these a few weeks ago in Bavaria:

http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0747_t.JPG (http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0747.JPG)

http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0752_t.JPG (http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0752.JPG)

http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0756_t.JPG (http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0756.JPG)

http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0773_t.JPG (http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0773.JPG)

http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0778_t.JPG (http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0778.JPG)

http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0788_t.JPG (http://www.fieras.de/murc/IMG_0788.JPG)

7th September 2006, 11:49
Nice :up:

Where abouts in Bavaria is that?

7th September 2006, 15:07
4th one down is freaking gorgeous

Jon P. Inghram
7th September 2006, 18:39
What's with those bumpy things sticking out of the ground? People who live near mountains get an unfair advantage when taking photos... ;)

14th September 2006, 23:23
']4th one down is freaking gorgeous

Yup! :up:

15th September 2006, 09:08
Very nice shots. :up:

Looking at your Exif tags, you shot those with a Canon S80? How do you like it so far? I have an S50 that I'm not overly happy with. It does fine on bright days for outdoor shots. When it's at all dark, and for pretty much all indoor shots, it's awful.

I'm thinking of upgrading to a Digital Rebel XTi (400D), but those are hard to travel with. I'm not sure what to do.

20th September 2006, 11:16
I think it takes really nice pics outdoors, and does OK indoors (though I wish noise levels were lower). For a compact camera it's still a bit too large and heavy, though. I've just come back from vacation (a week at the baltic sea in Sopot, Poland with a few friends). We haven't taken too many pictures because we were either in the water or getting drunk, but I'll see how the few we took panned out.

20th September 2006, 12:02
Nice pics. Good eye. What was the exposure for #4 ? That's a tricky shot.
#6 really pops out if you crop the grass and part of the left side, IMHO.

20th September 2006, 14:20
What do you think?


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