View Full Version : Free radio tuner software for Windows?

3rd August 2006, 14:53
It seems people create such things (I'm searching something in style of K!TV or Dscaler - small unobtrusive apps that run in the background) only for Linux...or perhaps not?

6th August 2006, 08:00
I wouldn't know of any. The radio part of the BT8x8 TV cards seems to have been mostly neglected by programmers. I'm using WinTV Radio on my WinTV PCI-FM because I couldn't find any other program. I wouldn't be surprised if there are none for linux, as well.

6th August 2006, 08:42
The thing is...there are MANY such small apps for Linux.
But when I search something like that for Windows - no luck :/

PS. W8, I haven't mentioned this...you remember that I have BT8x8 card?

PPS. I'm stupid - DScaler is a good hint... (well...it can be used without BT card...)