View Full Version : Microsoft Zune Live...yet another "iPod killer"

17th July 2006, 11:04
Microsoft's new "iPod killer" has a name: Zune Live.

They really need to fire whoever does their product naming. Industry spies and insiders say it looks like this:


Among what is rumored here are the interesting ones:

-WiFi built in so the player can update/download without a PC(? ... or work wirelessly through you PC), and will allow people to "trade" music, though no one knows how that will work out legally.

-Larger video screen than the current iPod Video.

-MS has been rumored to be in talks with iPod accessory makers and supposedly undercutting Apple's iPod accessory licensing fee (i.e. you have to pay a licensing fee to put the "Made for iPod" logo on a box or product).

-Will use Windows Media Player 11 as the base software, meaning Vista will have Urge/Zune Live support built in like OS X has iTune support built in.

-and this is the big one ... rumor has it that MS will pay for a download/license for every piece of music you have purchased from iTunes. Meaning, the installer will check to see if iTunes is installed, and if it is it will find all of the music you have purchased through iTunes and then download the same titles from Urge and copy them to your player.

Should be an interesting MP3 player war this holiday season. Especially if the G6 iPod rumors are true.


17th July 2006, 11:20
I can deal with the Zune name, but live after it? give me an f'n break

17th July 2006, 11:27
It's part of their new "Live" everything push. Office Live, Windows Live, OneHelp Live, Zune Live, Dildo Live ... www.Live.com

PS - this is a mock-up of the highly rumored iPod G6:


The mock-up was designed after a patent that Apple filed for, namely the virtual control wheel. The device is controled via touchpad LCD and the virtual wheel thingy. If this is accurate and IF Apple can keep the prices down and IF Apple can get movies on iTunes at a decent price ... then I can see Apple keeping their market share intact for the forseeable future.

details here: http://www.techmanifesto.com/archives/2006/02/10/new-ipod-video-is-touch-friendly/

17th July 2006, 14:48
Damn thats sweet!

17th July 2006, 16:03

17th July 2006, 17:05
Would be nice though.

PS. A long tie ago I had a "vision" of cellphones/mp3 players/etc. in which whole external surface is just one "big" screen...would be even nicer.

17th July 2006, 17:10
actually... a virtual interface like that would actually make me consider an ipod for the first time.

17th July 2006, 20:15
I didn't say it was real. I said it was a mock-up based on the patent filed by Apple.


There's no way a realy picture of a G6 iPod would be released. Not this far away from the holiday season when MS is breathing down Apple's neck with Zune Live and it's much larger than the G5 iPod's screen.

18th July 2006, 01:40
I want an iriver U10 with 40GB capacity.

18th July 2006, 06:44
Oddly...right now I want the cheapest player (512MB would be enough...) with support of AAC or OGG and a way to somehow upload statistics to last.fm...