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Dr Mordrid
8th July 2006, 16:04

Supposedly art imitates life, but all evidence suggests a more cyclical relationship. Live-action role playing (LARPing), where fantasy enthusiasts live out their favorite stories and characters – medieval, vampire, “Lord of the Rings,” or something else – is one thing. With LARPing the fantasy is restricted to a controlled environment governed by rules. In short, live-action role playing is a game. Even superhero-based LARP groups subject themselves to specific rules and limitations, drawing a clear line between play and everyday living. But what happens when real-life superheroes emerge in our cities, fighting crime in full costumes with bona fide (in most cases) super hero names?

8th July 2006, 18:55
Alright, as with most oddball psycho things like this I have a theory. Would adults be so into roleplaying if their real lives were satisfying? Since most roleplayers are somewhat less than attractive, this probably has a lot to do with it, but the unreasonable expectations of the opposite sex, fueled by soap opera actors and supermodels, have done their part. Another thing.. when people have a less than satisfactory social fabric to fall back upon, they may decide to invent worlds where things make sense in a way most congenial to one's psyche. Yep, the big M wreaks havoc again.

8th July 2006, 19:47
hehe, if you read the related article where they interview Mr Silent, maybe there is something in the water, but, in reality all they are doing is bringing attention to a long forgotten concept of helping others less fotunate then yourself.

They are just doing in a way that helps promote a good cause.


Translation kvh, it has zip to do with multiculturalizim, and a lot to do with building a sense of community.

9th July 2006, 10:51
No, no, KvH is right. It is the big M rearing it's ugly head.

Damn you Malarkey! Damn you!