View Full Version : WTF is wrong with female celebs these past few months?

22nd June 2006, 08:35
First we hear about the now fugly Lindsey Lohan, who now looks like skeletor. Then There's Pamela Anderson who got a face lift and went from looking hot and young to looking creepy and plasticky. Then there's Posh Spice who looks skinnier than starvin' Marvin. Hilira Duff lost so much weight she looks sickly.

WTF? Seriously. The whole 'runway model that barfs and barfs and barfs till there nothing but skin and bones' is a real turn off, not to mention that it's setting the wrong example for little girls who look up to them. I just don't get it.

Here's what I'm talking about.


22nd June 2006, 08:39
Yes, I totally agree...

Many of those look very nice, until they start getting plastic surgery. :mad:
(looks like Michael Jackson was a trendsetter.... :D ... unfortunately :(...)


22nd June 2006, 09:22
What I really don't understand is WHY they're doing this.

Who are they trying to impress? Not the average guy out there, who does NOT find this attractive. These women all got popular by appealing to the hormones of guys everywhere, then once they're popular... they lose a ton of weight and guys think they're scary looking. How does that seem to make sense? I just have NO idea. :(

Dr Mordrid
22nd June 2006, 10:17
It's a screwed up body self-image. We see scary-thin but they see normal curves as "fat". CAUSE? Mostly its the media culture telling women that they have to look like 'Barbie' or they're too fat. Since that body type doesn't exist in flesh it's an un-attainable goal. These days gorgeous gals like Jane Russel would be tagged as 'pudgy' by the style mongers

Even the attainable 'ideal' body types are genetic and found in only a few percent of females, if that many, so they too are un-attainable for the vast majority of women.

Also; most of the style mongers are of course gay as hell so WTF do they know? IMO they're trying to make women look like young gay men.

Go figure....

What straight men want has even been scientifically defined. It's the ratio between the waist and hip circumference. Studies show a stunning concurrance; a waist between .68 and .72 of the hip circumference (.70 is the 'ideal') is preferred by males of every culture tested.

"Bottom" line is that men want a significant amount of booty :)

Both Marilyn Monroe and Kate Moss both have a ratio of .70, even though they look quite different due to each having a different body type.

There is also a female preferred ratio for men; .80 to .95.

Personally I much prefer a woman with extra pounds to these walking sticks. More curves is good. In fact some of the wildest, and most loving, women I've known have been a bit 'thick'.

The 'perfect' ones have too concerned with themselves & what other women and gay designers think to concern themselves with what real men want.

Dr. Mordrid

22nd June 2006, 11:58
You are not kidding. That is down right scary! From hot to stick figure. :rolleyes:

22nd June 2006, 12:08
this is a topic for discussion that comes up very open with my friends (especially when women are around). Most (if not all) of the men i've talked to about this are agreeing that very skiny women are NOT a "turn on".

"Mostly its the media culture telling women that they have to look like 'Barbie' or they're too fat. Since that body type doesn't exist in flesh it's an un-attainable goal. These days gorgeous gals like Jane Russel would be tagged as 'pudgy' by the style mongers"

maybe its because there arent many MEN controlling the "media (fashion) culture"

although i'm not sure if this can be discussed without offending certain ppl (in general :) )

22nd June 2006, 20:11
Skinny women are a turn on if this is their normal body type. Kate Moss is a good example. It's too bad everyone isn't an ectomorph though. If I had my way, the endomorph body type would not exist, men would be mostly mesomorph and women mostly ectomorph. I have to admit, there's something cool about being able to pick up your woman on occasion.. :cheeky:

23rd June 2006, 12:40
I'll go against the grain :)

I like skinny women. But I also like "normal" women. Some bigger women look good as well. I like em all! And let truth be told, I'd rather have a skinny women than a fat one.

Food for thought. My ex-girlfriend was 93 pounds and 5' 4". She wore size 0-3 depending on the clothing line. But she was in no way shape or form anorexic looking. She inherited this from her mom. But people always told her she looked to skinny. But she didn't! She was just thin by default. She didn't work out or eat very healthy, she was just thin! But people gave her shit for it. Why? I think it's bullshit that just because someone else doesn't like how skinny these women are, then suddenly it's wrong?

I've learned that there is no such thing as wrong or right, only different levels of acceptance.

24th June 2006, 08:55
It's like hair or eye color or breast size: It just has to fit. Every variant can look good, but not on everybody. Like, for instance, breasts look good on me ;) :D

5th July 2006, 07:53
looks like you can add Keira Knightley to the list sooner or later ....

5th July 2006, 07:58
Man.. did she not use to have boobs? :eek:

5th July 2006, 08:40

5th July 2006, 08:50
They may never have been big, but now she has nothing...


5th July 2006, 10:49
She never had anything. They were airbrushed on for Pirates. I'm serious.

5th July 2006, 10:59

5th July 2006, 11:03
nsfw! http://www.superphotospace.com/images/kkvid1_444686034d717.jpg

she could stand to eat a sandwich.

5th July 2006, 11:06
She never had anything. They were airbrushed on for Pirates. I'm serious.

Yup. Proof below.

Links are SFW.


5th July 2006, 14:03
Those pics where she's wearing a compression bandage are proof? pft.

Here you go.. nsfw


I'll take quality over quantity any day.

5th July 2006, 15:45
KN was 16 when that movie was released and possibly even younger when it was filmed.

My guess is either a (legally aged) body double or CGI.

5th July 2006, 20:14
Theres nothing illegal about just nudity in movies.. I remember G-rated movies from the 60s where Doris Day or whoever is bathing their child and you see the kid full frontal naked. Big deal.. who cares? It only took the dirty minded people of the present to find this somehow appalling. And other teen girls have shown their tits, too (which yes, is certainly more interesting, but the situations are not super-tittilating).. Look at Return to the Blue Lagoon where Milla Jovovich was 15.. American Beauty where Thora Birch was 17.. I'm sure there were others, especially from Europe. The difference is there were not any real sex scenes with them naked.. that's a totally different matter.

Besides, those look like her tits from other films (see the same site). I just posted that one because the view was clearest and it was the first one.. didn't even realize she was only 16 in that film.


7th July 2006, 14:59
Some other pics (http://www.maximonline.com/todays_girl/index_magnified.aspx?id=2030&ind=4)