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8th June 2006, 14:23
Right. I have migrated my familys email to my server.
Several users have multiple email addys represented by different aliases. That way all email belonging to a user gets delivered to a single inbox.

Outlook shows the alias used in the ‘to’ box.

If you reply to ANY mail it will be sent using the 'reply to' filed which is the primary email addy by default. This is causing confusion at the recipient’s end.

I wonder if there is a way to modify the ‘reply to’ field based on the alias; i.e. incoming email addy…

You could do it with separate accounts for each alias but that would be messy and you would have multiple inboxes.

Any thoughts?

Fat Tone
9th June 2006, 03:22
I've grappled with this recently, but for multiple emails from different domains.

There are utilities out there that will auto-set the replyto field for you, but they aren't free.

The simplest (free) solution is to get the user to add a pop account - you can then choose which account to send from. Or experiment with Outlook profiles.

9th June 2006, 05:57
I could be wrong, but if the reply-to field is left blank, isn't the sender address used?