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21st June 1999, 06:43
Hi all,

I have some strange problems with video-editing. With Premiere 5.0 when I play a file in the source-monitor, everything is working fine, but when I use the buttons to walk through it frame-by-frame the source-monitor becomes black. This is only with MJPEG files.I tried 'NoDirectShow=1' in the prem50.ini but then if I play an .avi it goes very choppy and sometimes it hangs for a couple of seconds, which makes it useless to work with.
The same problems with Media Studio Pro.
Is this a known problem?
I'd very appreciate a good answer http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Thanks in advance, Alcyone

9th June 2001, 11:37
I've been having a complete nightmare with Premiere 5.1 and a Marvel 400. I haven't been able to use it to capture anything worth using and have become very disillusioned. But I am slowly finding a way round it. I also have the problem you have with the monitor window. I capture using the Avid cinema software supplied with the card to create avi files (a slow process but at least it produces a decent clip) and import them into premiere. I have just followed the advice from this BB and have put the prem50.ini file in the same folder as Premiere.exe and it seems to have done the trick. I can now scrub the monitor window and see what I am doing - at last - have a go, good luck!