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Dr Mordrid
1st June 2006, 23:10
In Science Mag.;

A Human NEO Visit?

Adventures in Near-Earth Object (NEO) Exploration

"If we are seeking a new vision for human exploration in space, it should be emphasized that astronauts could visit a small NEO without developing a lot of new space hardware. Veteran astronaut T. D. Jones and his colleagues have put forward a mission concept where a modified Soyuz crew vehicle, refueled and docked to the International Space Station (ISS), takes astronauts on a several-month "vacation" to rendezvous with an Earth-approaching asteroid, returning to the ISS for stories of adventure to be told around the galley. Perhaps asteroids are the logical, achievable first focus for human rocketry beyond the Moon; if so, then missions such as Hayabusa are paving the way."Hayabusa is a Japanese probe currently exploring the NEO Itokawa.

Dr. Mordrid

2nd June 2006, 01:04
It was initially designed for moon after all... And amazing how long it's still in use. I even somehow hope that the Russians won't terminate Soyuz because of new vehicle they planning...

3rd June 2006, 07:24
This would be very very cool.