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Dr Mordrid
20th May 2006, 23:36
1 step from approval in the U.S.;

Article.... (http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/05/18/health/main1628221.shtml)


A vaccine that blocks viruses that cause most cervical cancer is safe and effective and should be approved, a federal panel recommended Thursday. The drug maker said the vaccine could slash global deaths from the No. 2 cancer in women by more than two-thirds.

A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee voted 13-0 on five separate times to endorse Merck and Co.'s Gardasil. The anticipated cost of the vaccine, administered in three shots over six months, is $300 to $500, a possible impediment to widespread vaccination campaigns.

Gardisil is likely to be approved in early June, After that, the vaccine will move into the hands of the Centers for Disease Control, which will have to decide if it should be a mandatory vaccine or just a recommended vaccine, CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Kaledin reports. it's about time this horrid disease got hammered.

21st May 2006, 17:28
IF they can get it past the neanderthals who think it will "encourage promiscuity (http://www.advocatesforyouth.org/publications/cancervaccine.htm)."

Groups that promote an abstinence-only-until-marriage approach to sex education intensely market the threat of HPV as a reason for promoting abstinence only. They claim a vaccine will promote promiscuity by lessening people’s fears regarding HPV and cervical cancer.

"Our concern is that this vaccine will be marketed to a segment of the population that should be getting a message about abstinence,” said Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. He would not inoculate his own daughter, because she would be more inclined to have sex outside marriage. “It sends the wrong message.” Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council [3]

“I personally object to vaccinating children against a disease that is 100 percent preventable with proper sexual behavior.” Leslie Unruh, Executive Director of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse

Some people's children...


Dr Mordrid
21st May 2006, 21:57
Don't take "Neanderthals" name in vain; on average their brain was significantly larger than the average humans :)

While FRC is being Pollyannish in their attitude they are correct from the publlic health point of view.

HPV is a sexually transmitted disease so in a more perfect world abstinence would go a long ways towards prevention, just as frequent handwashing would prevent most cases of cold and flu.

Unfortunately people these days can no more take time to wash their hands than they can keep their wicks dry/sheathed.

Note my mention of "wicks". Women get HPV from us gentlemen, so it's our behavior that has gone a long way toward putting them in this mess.

22nd May 2006, 00:19
[QUOTE=KRSESQ]"encourage promiscuity (http://www.advocatesforyouth.org/publications/cancervaccine.htm)."

that's a load of CRAP!!!

edit: hey, finally after years of reading these forums and one of the first members of the good old mailing list, i am finally a murcer :)