View Full Version : Timeshifting software for TC card? (based on BT878)

6th May 2006, 19:52
SO...finally I have TV, sort of. Using Leadtek card based on BT878, so it's not only cheap but gives great results (yes, yes, bundled software is a POS, and unfortunatelly bundled drivers are the only ones giving me sound (through "CDROM cable" connected to sundcard), wasn't able to configure the ones from sourceforge properly, yet). Quite good image overall with DSCaler (in which for some reason I don't get sound, yet) and K!TV (free, GPL software using driversd and filters from DScaler, so it's almost as great)

Hovewer...I'd like to have, occasionally, timeshift, and one working really good (K!TV has one...but in eraly stages and relying entirelly on HDD (woulnd using RAM as much as possible be more sensible?). And I'm spoiled - I'm using apps that are totally free and very light on resources.
Any suggestions?

PS. The machine has Athlon XP 1700+ and Barracuda 7200.7 80GB (2MB cache), from all the things that, I guess, matter.

19th May 2006, 05:16
Uhmm...nobody uses something like this? (I want to impress people from corridor with the magic powah of beeing able to pause TV ;) :p ) BTW, I now have 768 MB of RAM, so disk IO isn't such a big issue anymore...so CPU isn't a problem also (I could always set up RAMdisk of ~0,5 GB and store temporary video files in it, compressed by fast codec such as hyffyuv)

19th May 2006, 06:03
DScaler has experimental support for it, but they warn that it may even lead to corruption of the entire harddisk!

A google search for "bt 8x8 timeshifting" turns up a lot of results, I'm too lazy to wade through them for you.

19th May 2006, 06:13
Hmm...haven't thought about search that specifically includes hardware type... (WMD drivers work somewhat better, I still haven't completelly resolved the isuue with sound under DScaler), might check that, as time permits (hopefully in next year I will have acces to the net in the room - and BTW, nice neigbourhood - on left side Sheraton, on right - Mercure :p )

PS. About that possible HDD corruption - it involves only partition used for storing temporary video files, right? So...when using RAMdisk, I should be safe?

19th May 2006, 06:16
And with both these Neighbours, there is no usable WLAN available? Unbelievable ;)

19th May 2006, 06:21
Nah, not living there now/yet. (and there is wired net there already)
In my current place there is apparently "internet cafe mafia", in talks (and pockets? :p ) with administration ;)