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20th March 2006, 08:37
Still not complelety finished, but here are pics of the screen and projector.
screen is 96"x54" - blackout cloth stretched over a home made wooden frame
projecter is benq pb6210 with custom aluminum mount
The yamaha receiver switches all sources ( computer/dvd player/satellite receiver) and feeds the projector via 30' component video.
speakers are temporary till I can justify getting larger ones.
the big black box on the right is a 12in dual voice coil driver in a 6.5 cu ft enclosure powered by a Hafler xl-280 200w/channel amp (LOTS of thump!)

20th March 2006, 10:22
Very nice! Though if your projector starts making a racket, make sure to build a sound enclosure. Pretty easy to do, too. Just an MFD box with an open top, and a good 6" clearance around the projector. Throw in some good sound dampening material on the inside. Cut out some holes for intake/exhaust in the appropriate spots, and another hole (add glass adhered with rubber cement or that specialty green glue if you chose) to the front for the projected image and done.

It doesn't completely eliminate the noise, but does a good job of getting rid of most of it.

When new speaker time comes, take a look at B&W's 600 series 3. Very good bang for the buck.



20th March 2006, 10:31
The projector is amazingly quiet actually, it is almost inaudible at normal listening levels.

Yes, the B&W line has caught my eye - I will eventually also try to squeeze a center channel in the custom stereo stand.
For now the 4.1 setup sounds very good.

I'll see if I can get a picture of the setup in action :)

20th March 2006, 12:30
You'll want a center channel ASAP. The center is where most of the voice info is sent. Makes a world of difference to have a good center. Some audiophile types will spend just as much on a single center channel then on the two fronts for a home theater. Just ask ALBPM ;)

20th March 2006, 12:50
I've been told this before :)
The amp is configured so that the center channel is mixed between the two fronts (you configure it based on what you have, and it adjusts accordingly).
I think I will probably purchase the center channel when I buy the two fronts :).
My existing fronts will go to the rear, and the rears will go outside where they belong (they are my outdoor speakers, and they always come in for the winter)

21st March 2006, 05:47
You lucky bastid! :D

The new Yamaha receivers are well nice. They up-scale everything to component, don't they!

21st March 2006, 05:50
That's the main reason for picking this particular model receiver - saved me running three different cables.

21st March 2006, 07:32
Yes, really nice!
I was planning to buy 2600 model, but...

But have you seen the Denon lines? When I saw it, I was like, WHAT THE HELL!!
- 7.1
- Up-scale component
- Up-scale HDMI
- Ethernet connection (for controlling the receiver, and streaming audio!!)
- USB connection
- iPod integration
- Internet radio
- Multi-zone (IP addressable)
And the price isn't sky high either.

But I'd be happy if I could afford the Yamaha you have :D

So what is the projector like?
I want to occassional big screen movie watching, but don't want to ditch my 28" CRT yet.
A projector would be perfect for us.

Oh I have the B&W you are after :)
A full set of them, thought I want to replace the front bookshelves (DM601) with some floorstanders (DM603 or even DM604).

Overall I really wish I had an install like yours!
Nice one GT40!


21st March 2006, 07:59
Actually, the Denon and Yamaha lines are very similar in pricing here. I have always been a Yamaha fan, never had any problems with any of my equipment.
The projector works very well, it does 1024x768 native and supports up to 1080i.
As any projector, it does need to be in a light controlled room - any splash from light on the screen will affect contrast.
It is viewable with the lights on, but it is very dramatic in a completely darkened room.
I had to apply blackout cloth to the windows as the blinds did not do a good enough job of blocking the light during full sunlight.
My only regret was not purchasing a native 16:9 projector, but these seem to be a little out of my budget at the momment - this one does have a 16:9 mode, but simply blackens out the top and bottom pixels, basically leaving you 525 lines of vertical resolution.
Very reasobly priced at below $1000 U.S.

22nd March 2006, 12:23
Here's a pic of the projector on.
It was in 1.85:1 format so it doesn't quite fill the screen.

Any guess's on the movie title? :)


22nd March 2006, 13:33
well I know its William H Macy looking pretty pissed off, no idea what the movie is.

22nd March 2006, 13:35

22nd March 2006, 14:59
Very good!
That's during the infamous 'Panama' move :D