View Full Version : FS- Procceeds to MURC fund - G450

27th February 2006, 05:43
I'm going to let this card go to the highest bidder, with all proceeds to go to MURC.
I will even eat some of the shipping!
You can post your bid here, or PM me if you want to remain anonymous, and I'll relay the amount back to this thread.
I'll hold the item till 17:00 EST Friday Mar 3
The final payment will be made directly to Sasq's paypal account, and I will ship once payment is confirmed.

27th February 2006, 17:10
hrmm, Kitchener eh, low shipping costs... I'll have to see if I could use it in one of my compy's... don't think I need it though :( , but I will see...

27th February 2006, 18:24
I'll ship to Canada for free, US for $5.00, overseas for $10.00 - any customs fees/taxes should be minimal, but will be up to the recipiant.

27th February 2006, 20:44
dammit, I looked at both my computers, both of my brother's, and even my dad's work computer (has a G400MAX :o ) and I couldn't really justify shellin' out the cash (unless I totally low-balled it) for it (about to buy a new 4x12 guitar cab - gonna hurt the bank a bit) but - if no one else bids by friday...

27th February 2006, 22:59
How about if I add in a Asus7v600 + a Amd Cpu 2200.? I have to dig it out of a closet, but I can add it if someone wants. The money for this will go soley to Sasqs account.


Fat Tone
1st March 2006, 10:48
...(about to buy a new 4x12 guitar cab...

I had to look this up - 4off 12" speakers in a cabinet used as a guitar amp.

Never too old to learn :) (And it is just as well 'cos I'm forgetting faster than I'm learning ;) )