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Fat Tone
25th December 2005, 01:51
I got me one of those Snap-On style tool chests, with 7 drawers and a cabinet below :cool:
Usually 25% of any DIY job is finding my tools, now I'll know exactly where they are :)

Got Batman Begins on DVD too. No XBOX 360 yet though ;) A nice bottle of Glayva awaits for this evening.

Oh, and the kids got some cool stuff too, starting around 6.30 this morning!

25th December 2005, 07:16

25th December 2005, 07:30
My kids let us sleep in this morning, no one out of bed until 7:20am.
I got the Batman Begins DVD too, and This is Spinal Tap. A few tools and a paint brush. The one thing I have to do before the New Year is paint the bathrooms. ugh.
Just getting ready to join my family at my parents place for more gifts and family, and food.
Merry Christmas everyone.

25th December 2005, 07:38
A cordless dremel!

Also a few odds and ends, Prince of Persia (the new one) for PS2, some pajamas and a nice shirt (don't laugh, I love those gifts), lots of knick-knacks because Julie and I do stockings for each other. ;)

Got Julie a flat-panel monitor, I'm jealous but she's been dying for one. Guess I have to suffer with my aging Samsung 19" CRT a while longer. ;)

Logan got a Leapster (think GameBoy with a stylus and educational titles), and OPTIMUS PRIME - but sadly poor Optimus was broken so we'll have to return it tomorrow.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I'm off to nurse this head cold, and hope not to transmit it to the in-laws this evening when we do dinner...

25th December 2005, 08:21
Let's see.... I got a nice new desk chair that I've been craving for awhile now. A lot of L.L. Bean clothing, a Skip Dr. (cd repair.. always wanted to try one better could never justify buying one). and gift cards to Best Buy and Barnes and Noble.

My Dad got Logitech Z5500's and they are SO amazing. I remember reading early reviews saying they still used composite cords but they've changed it and it uses regular speaker wire. Also if you haven't seen these things in person they are HUGE. The box is twice the size of the box my logitech x530's came in.

Still the big thing was the kids. Christmas just isn't the same without the wonder of kids and Christmas. My nephew is 19 months now and this is his first real Christmas. He walked into the living room and went "Whoa!" I bought him Duplo Legos and wooden Building blocks and he was all over them. He'd open up his gifts... get excited and if you'd ask him if he wanted you to open it he'd bring the box over and patiently wait for you to open it and then stick his head in. Anyway, I shouldn't let any of the girls in my life know about this or I'll be married before i know it ;)

25th December 2005, 10:10

25th December 2005, 10:12
A daughter :)

25th December 2005, 10:33
Congrats Nuno!

25th December 2005, 10:43
Thanks ;)

25th December 2005, 10:46
Tough act to follow with a Macdonald Illustrated Edition of "She" by H. Rider Haggard (pub. 1954).

Congratulations, and condolences for the kid who will probably end up having a combined Christmas-birthday instead of separate celebrations :P .


Fat Tone
25th December 2005, 12:20
Congrats, Nuno :)

25th December 2005, 17:25
i just had fun overbuying for my family this year. to watch them open all their presents was a christmas present enough. :D

25th December 2005, 17:27
grats nuno,
me erm, new pc for working from home - see previous thread about new pc.
oh and no holidays till about march

25th December 2005, 17:53
Its Snowinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Dr Mordrid
25th December 2005, 18:08
1. Canon i9900 8 color 13x19 photo printer


2. a $100 gift card to Famous Daves BBQ restaurant....yummy :D :D


3. a WestinghouseDigital/CMO 17" LCD (dualhead mate to the one I found roadside). That thing is a lot nicer than its <$200 price indicates.

4. ScanMaker 9800XL A3 (12"x17")IEEE-1394 scanner w/transparency adapter


Not too bad....

Dr. Mordrid

25th December 2005, 18:10
Congrats Nuno! :)

Liz, haven't seen you around in a while, very nice picture of your niece? Did I remember that right?

I got some gift certificates, clothes, etc... The normal stuff.

25th December 2005, 18:15
As usual I didn't get much - thats fine, if I want something I usually just go and get it :)
the kids were spoiled as usual, as was my dear wife - both Santa and I spoiled her ;)

Merry Christmas to everybody!

25th December 2005, 18:49
Hey Congrats Nuno..so where are the details.

25th December 2005, 20:01
Congrats Nuno!

I got Simpsons Seasons 6 & 7.

25th December 2005, 21:23
I got a sweater, the kids got a whole bunch of toys and clothing.

Congrats Nuno! :) Thats the best gift ever!!

26th December 2005, 04:59
Born 17-12-2005 3:50 pm.
Sleeps all day, stays awake all night, eats all that she can. I think she got it from the father :p


Best christmas gift ever, indeed.

26th December 2005, 05:40
']Its Snowinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

You're still in Florida? :)

26th December 2005, 06:14
Merry Christmas All
Got meself a K750i
Too broke to buy anyone else anything. Crashed my Suzuki Grand Vitarra twice last month so had to be paying for the damaged property.
Lovely day with my mother and grandmother yesterday. K750i was on order before the crashes in case anyone accuses me of being selfish btw.

Liquid Snake
26th December 2005, 12:46
Canon Elan 7N, 24mm/2.8 lens, some film (yes, film). Also a 9950F flatbed film scanner.

26th December 2005, 16:13
Oh, and also a stack of DVDs:
Conan: The Complete Quest (the only one I care about is Conan The Barbarian)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The Shining (Jack Nicholson)
A Clockwork Orange
(and for myself) Eyes Wide Shut (you see where this is going? (big Kubrick fan here)).

All widescreen, of course, except for The Shining, which I recently learned was deliberately shot in classic "academy aperture" of 4:3 rather than widescreen. Amazing what one can learn from one's kids!


26th December 2005, 18:41
Congrats Nuno! :)

Liz, haven't seen you around in a while, very nice picture of your niece? Did I remember that right?

I got some gift certificates, clothes, etc... The normal stuff.

yes my niece, and yea i dont get online much. i just cant stand 56ks, plus i'm out of my house from 5am to 8pm everyday

26th December 2005, 18:42
You're still in Florida? :)
Indiana again. i should join a gypsy family.

26th December 2005, 19:03
Congrats to Nuno and all you other lucky folks.

Liz, your niece is such a beauty.. if you sent me a multichromic set of pics of myself, I would probably turn to stone.. :p

I got a few little things.. we aren't huge gift exchangers.. but hopefully the new Toyota Tundra I have on order will come in soon and I will have my first new car ever. :)

26th December 2005, 19:29
Congrats Nuno!

(also got Batman Begins)

27th December 2005, 07:06
Congrats Nuno.

Many shirts, a coat, and a $50 Giant Gift card. Bought Serenity yesterday since I did not get it as a gift.

27th December 2005, 15:54
Congrats Nuno, she's a cutie :)

Merry Christmas everyone else... sounds like we've all had a lovely time...

Got some rather nice whisky glasses from my little bro - but then he's coming to live with me for a couple of months so I guess he's hoping I've got something to fill them with :D Oh, and curtains from my parents... somehow I think I will appreciate them a little more come spring/summer, although no doubt the boiler is appreciating them a wee bit now...

27th December 2005, 16:40
OK, little girl is good. Look after kidney and bladder though, health and general luck won't be so good between 37 and 57 (20 odd years). Otherwise nothing to really worry about.

Right, for myself. Well, got weird signals again. What a great time. (Singlton, or attachementville) Don't mind either, but would prefer knowing for sure. :rolleyes:


27th December 2005, 16:43
Oh, and congrats Nuno. :up:


27th December 2005, 18:17
Congratulations Nuno

I never got anything for Christmas, haven't got around to deciding what I want to buy myself yet.