View Full Version : Avid Liquid edition 7

24th November 2005, 15:57
Buff, read it... with reserves :smoker:
Four streams HDV in real time... I have to see it to belive.
I had tested Pinnacle Liquid 6 and it doesn't work at all.
AVID miracles?????????

24th November 2005, 19:33
Funny, Works well for me!


25th November 2005, 02:08
Being a devoted Avid enthousiast (and an Avid broadcast system admin by profession), I was a bit annoyed by the way Avid announced Liquid as it's latest superb achievement. It would have been more decent to refer to the fact that it is the latest version of an already well-known Pinnacle product, which is now a part of Avid.
Sorry, can't link to the original Avid announcement page, because it isn't available anymore.