View Full Version : Shuttle XPC M1000 - HTPC

17th October 2005, 19:31
now that is a nice HTPC system

not for gaming but would be nice multimedia system :up:

17th October 2005, 20:07
eviewing a device like the M1000 is difficult, as there's far more to it than hardware performance and features. There are likely many people who will be absolutely satisfied with the capabilities of the M1000. If you want a great looking HTPC and you don't want to assemble the system yourself, this is the best offering that we've seen. The Pentium M processor provides for low heat and power requirements, the case is similar in size to most A/V equipment, and it has everything that you need from a single vendor. The roughly $2000 price is higher than even faster mid-range computers, but someone looking for a complete HTPC solution won't have many other options. The low power and heat design could easily be worth hundreds of dollars from an A/V perspective.Except for the price tag, it might be okay.

17th October 2005, 20:57
Feck How did I miss that, My HTPC going stay a mini tower for a long while yet