View Full Version : Analyze and fix corrupt DV stream

27th September 2005, 09:05
It seems to me that one of my older camcorders is sending a corrupt DV stream when transferring Digital 8 tapes through firewire.

I've noticed it first in MSPro 8 Preview. I was trying to cleanup some videos using different video filters. For example if I use the "Auto-Level" filter, it gets applied to a few frames, then one or two frames are untouched by the filter, then the filter is active again for a few frames. This creates a flicker effect. The interesting part is if I use a filter with fixed values such as the Color Correction filter it does not produce any flickering, the filter gets applied to all frames evenly. Something must be off on some frames that prevents the filter from being applied. Problem with interlace?

I thought I had a bad capture, so I captured again and got the same result. I installed MSPro 8 Preview on another machine with XP Pro SP2, captured using a different firewire interface and got the same problem. I then used VideoStudio 9 and got the same problem.
I switched tapes and got the same issue.

It seems to me that the camcorder is damaged and has a problem encoding the video into DV. If I connect the camcorder using its analog outputs to a TV screen everything looks good.

So the question is: how can I analyze the DV avi file and possibly clean it up? Do you know of any tool that will do this? MSPro does not seem to mind opening the file and placing it on the timeline, but it is unable to fix it.


28th September 2005, 09:55
I know VirtualDub has a "scan stream for errors". What the errors it detects are I don't know.