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23rd September 2005, 02:24
Some photos taken during my most recent flight...

The weather was quite at the limit for vfr flight (navigating using vision, not using instruments): our airfield was just below these beautifull clouds...

The last shot suffered some motion blur (it was turbulent below the clouds), but it shows the runway lights. The runway is over 3.2 km (starting at those red lights), but only a small portion of it is visible...


23rd September 2005, 08:06
The benefits of a flight license :). Nice pictures.

23rd September 2005, 08:07

If you're taking pictures... Who's flying the plane????!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

23rd September 2005, 08:39
pictures taken from the right side of the plane.. who is flying?.. or doe sit have controls in both side / right side?

23rd September 2005, 15:39
The plane has dual controls; the person on the left side is the pilot in command. I flew from Ostend to Ursel - not direct. In Ursel I landed, another club member flew back to Ostend. It was then I took pictures.

Jon P. Inghram
23rd September 2005, 17:04
Which add-ons are you using with FS2k4, or is that X-Plane? Looks almost real! ;)

25th September 2005, 06:59

Somehow this remark reminds me of artists losing their look-a-like contests...