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Brian Ellis
20th September 2005, 07:14
Bonne chance, tout le monde!!! http://www.ulead.com/msp/runme.htm

20th September 2005, 10:21
I can't see much on the web site about DVD creation. More info would be helpful since they want $250 to upgrade from 7.3. The preview did not have that tool, nor does the trial as listed on the web. Is the trial teh same version as the preview?

On a side note Brian, if you could let Ulead know that they list Win2000 and XP in the requirements, but when you click on BUY and look on the left page they still have the old Windows 98SE, NT4.0, 2000 or ME listed.


Dr Mordrid
20th September 2005, 11:22
DVD creation was in the beta installation in the form of DVDMF 4.2, so....

Dr. Mordrid

20th September 2005, 12:42
The trial has the same build number of the final release ?

I'm asking that because there is the same "bug" described in the "White Balance" thread..

See my last message:


20th September 2005, 13:45
Looks like Ulead made last minute changes to their DVD app. The preview creates 4 folders under Program Files\Ulead\MSP8\Bitmap called uDVDUser, uDVDUser40LIte, uDVDUserEx and uDVDUserEx40Lite. Hence I was expecting at least a couple flavors of MSP, one packaged with a "Lite" DVD app, one with the full version. I don't see (yet?) such an announcement.

Terry, did you say DVDWS4.2 or was that a typo? Did you mean DVDMF4.2 instead?


20th September 2005, 21:58
Anyone know how many SmartSound tracks are included? Are they similar to the old Premiere SmartSounds that were included with Premiere 6?

How about that 5.1 Dolby capibility. Yeow!


Dr Mordrid
21st September 2005, 11:36
Dunno what'll be in the release, but we tested with 2 libraries: smartsound sampler 2 (hot and spicy & island party) and full spectrum 22k (26 titles), each with numerous variations each.

Yes, it was a typo: DVDMF 4.2.

Dr. Mordrid

21st September 2005, 11:51
Dr. Mordrid any info on the bug described above ?

21st September 2005, 14:26
HVD is here for the masses.
Faster than I can imagine.

Pinnacle Studio 10 (err, yes, an awful application, but... ) goes to HDV for aficionados :eek: .
Now Pinnacle logo is near AVID logo. Pinnacle is dead.

21st September 2005, 20:17
Run for the hills...