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5th September 2005, 15:39
:mad: Call me silly, but I just paid for an album off MSN Music website and its only 128k. The music sounds dull and lifeless.

What a rip off i'm going to try get money refunded onto my credit card.

If I'm going to do this downloading of music legitimately, I want a higher bitrate!! For the same price or maybe a little more I could have had the CD.

For the amount of money the albums cost they should be better quality!!

Any opinions / ideas? :mad:

5th September 2005, 15:54
Good luck trying to convince somebody (who'll deal your refund case) at MSN Music that 128k WMA isn't CD quality. After all, everyone know it is... :rolleyes:

7th September 2005, 05:37
Hehe, my ISP also has an online music store (Music Club) but it sucks bigtime, wma and IE only and limited songs (only popular crap). We even get free credits to use every month, haven't used one credit yet because of the drm crap etc.