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Dr Mordrid
13th August 2005, 15:58
As usual the features discussed below could undergo changes in their look/feel/function before MediaStudio Pro 8 is released because the beta is ongoing. That out of the way here we go again.....

Extensive HDV Support:

MediaStudio Pro 8 can batch capture HDV video from all the latest HDV camcorders and decks with device control. Once captured you can either edit HDV sources at their native format or you can turn on Smart Proxy to create Proxy files for editing on limited systems.

HDV sources can be freely converted between HDV Program Streams (*.mpg) to view them on your PC or HDTV and HDV Transport Streams (*.m2t) in order to write them back to an HDV camcorder or deck.

HDV projects can also be exported to WMV_HD or downconverted to the SD format of your choice including DV, WMV, Quicktime or MPEG 2 for DVD authoring.


Smart Proxy:

MediaStudio Pro 8 can now create and edit using Proxy files.

Proxy files are reduced resolution versions of your source video clips that facilitate editing high resolution (720x480 to 1920x1080) video on limited systems or even laptops. Once the edit is finished the changes are then applied to the full resolution source files to maintain the highest possible quality on export.

In the Smart Proxy control in Preferences you can set the cutoff resolution at which Proxy Mode will be automatically activated, the folder in which Proxy's are stored, choose from several pre-defined Proxy compression templates (MPEG or DV) or create your own templates using the codec(s) of your choice. Smart Proxy can also be toggled using a timeline control.

Downconversion is performed in the background.


Downconversion progress meter;


Real-time Mobile HDV editing:

MediaStudio Pro 8 can also edit HDV in real-time on mid-range or notebook systems using the Smart Proxy feature. These Proxy files can be edited in true real-time with low demands on system resources. This process is completely lossless since your final output always links back to the original full-resolution files.

This is the perfect solution for documentary producers who have embraced HDV and who want to edit on the go.

Smart Package:

Smart Package is an extension of the old Package function. The old Package function would let you copy or move all of a projects resources into a single folder to facilitate archiving, but Smart Package now extends this capability significantly. Now it not only does the "old stuff" but it will also include source clips from the new Nested Timelines but will also create and Package all Proxy files. It can also create Smart-Trimmed files and save their "handles" (trimmed material).


Collaborative Editing:

Smart Package mode is great for collaborative editing and archiving, not only in HDV but in other formats. Whatever your format of choice you can Smart Package and share Proxy files for collaborative editing then combine them as multiple timelines for assembly, referring back to the original footage for export.

Neat :)

Dr. Mordrid

14th August 2005, 02:54

Only a question :D .... How many chapters has this MSP 8 Beta Preview ? :D (P.S with this question I'm no trying to "bypass" the NDA :bandit: Absolutely not... :p )

Dr Mordrid
14th August 2005, 10:24
Dunno how many "chapters" we'll post. That depends on Ulead and how much info they'll let us post before the beta ends.

It certainly won't be limited by how much material there is to cover....that's something that'll keep the betas posting for MONTHS :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Dr. Mordrid

14th August 2005, 11:38
Thanks Dr.Mordrid and thanks to Ulead ;)

If i can make a wish... I Hope that in the next "chapter" we can know much abuot the audio capabilities of MSP 8..

See you, I hope soon, in MediaStudio Pro 8.0 Part IV.. :D

Jerry Jones
23rd August 2005, 16:47
That proxy functionality is cool.

I could see using that feature a lot if I land a certain corporate documentary position that has my interest.

Got a call from a recruiter who told me to be ready for the big interview.

If I get the job, I'll definitely be upgrading to Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8.0 because I might be doing quite a bit of traveling.

Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones
23rd August 2005, 16:51
Could you explain a bit more about the difference between the 'MOBILE' vs. the 'ARCHIVAL' package options?


Jerry Jones