View Full Version : Improving smoothness of video playback

9th August 2005, 08:42
Have had some weird problems with playback smoothness on my TV-Out of the G400 in my HTPC, which in the end I've pinned down on a buggy version of Quartz.dll that's shipped with DX9.0C. Here's an updated version that improved smoothness a LOT on my HTPC:

MS WindowsXP Hotfix (http://support.microsoft.com/?id=891220)

The hotfix you can download fixes a lot more than what's mentioned on that page.

BTW. For some odd reason, ReClock is a necessity for smooth playback on PAL DVDs and NTSC film DVD content, but watching 'live' timeshifted TV streams recorded with my PVR250 in SageTV it's smoother not to use ReClock.

Hope that helps some of you out there...

14th August 2005, 11:37
Thanks for the link. I also have suche issues unless I use the old DivxG400, even with my Parhelia !

I'll try this one.