View Full Version : Webserver setup

7th August 2005, 10:25
I need to set up apache php etc on a server running Fedora core three.

I'm trying to follow the instructions from php.net. Query is though, where do I upload unpack the files.

7th August 2005, 11:03
Not sure where it is now, but a "website" used to be in /home/httpd/html/

Personal sites would be in ~/public_html/

If you look at /etc/httpd/*.conf (or similar - again, I'm not sure if this has changed recently), there should be a setting called "ServerRoot" - that wil be the root directory when browsing via HTTP.

- Steve

7th August 2005, 12:23
Cheers spadnos, found the default site I created with their admin system, it was in home/default/

now need to update php though, can't seem to find where that needs to go?