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Dr Mordrid
26th July 2005, 08:57
This was posted on the Canopus forums today;

CHIP FIRM VIA issued a note to its customers telling them of problems with chipset support for hard drives using the Serial ATA II standard.

It said that VT8237 and VT8237R chipsets don't provide forward compatibility for S-ATA II, which is important as hard drive makers are beginning to manufacture this type of drive.

But Via is readying the release of VT8237R Plus, which will solve the problem. This means that motherboard makers that use the former chipset should clear their inventory before September.

Hard drive manufacturers position with S-ATA II is as follows, said Via in its note. Western Digital and Samsung are already shipping these devices, while Seagate and Maxtor will start shipping them during this quarter.

If you connect S-ATA II drives to an old Via chipset which includes the VT8237, VT8237R, VT6420 and VT6421L, the devices won't be detected.

Some mobo makers, such as Epox, have already responded to the problem and have warned their customers to seek the support of hard drive vendors. In a letter to its customers, it said that they should also check the specs of other manufacturers' Via based motherboards.
Dr. Mordrid

26th July 2005, 09:09
What was the nick of this Via marketing guy here? chunky-something?

edit: funky perhaps?

26th July 2005, 09:48
Err... how is this possible, given that SATA-II is really just SATA?

26th July 2005, 09:52
Err... how is this possible, given that SATA-II is really just SATA?

One word: Via.

26th July 2005, 09:59
Yeah. I was asking the same question a few years back - how is it that the SINGLE MOST POPULAR sound card on the planet doesn't work on VIA chipsets?

26th July 2005, 11:41
Another bye bye data farce coming up????

My hard drive keeps getting corrupted.

Viatech. Creative soundcard?


Viatech It's that. Scrap it try another card.

I've removed card and re-installed and the drive got corrupted.

Viatech. Look this problem only happens when you're copying data from one drive too another and have a creative card please remove it.

I've only one hard drive and neither am I copying data from one drive to another. The soundcard is out.

Viatech I see theres a new Bios

Tried that no differance.

Viatech Well we do have a bug in the southbridge.

Ah can I get a new board becuase of this bug.

Viatech What bug it's becuase you've got a creative soundcard installed.

You said there was a bug

Viatech theres no bugs in our southbridge

Well it still corrupts data.

Viatech heres some Bios tips.

Feck me These put the machine in super slow mode and the data still corrupts

Viatech. It's your soundcard

Look I solved the problem I slapped in a promise controller and no more data corruption.

Viatech Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

26th July 2005, 11:53
Call me paranoid and delusional but I feel that there's a good reason why I've refused to buy anything that has chips labeled VIA since my MVP3 motherboard. (Well, with the single exception for soundcards based on the Envy chipset which VIA probably bought when the design was fully finished and they couldn't mess that one up).

26th July 2005, 12:08
Ahhh (http://forums.murc.ws/showthread.php?t=44029)...memories (http://forums.murc.ws/showthread.php?t=44117) :p

26th July 2005, 13:37
Err... how is this possible, given that SATA-II is really just SATA? It's enhanced. Just like U320 is "just" SCSI 160, but there are changes to the feature set.
Plus, it could be that the controller chip incorrectly negotiates the speed.

26th July 2005, 13:42
SATA = 150MB/sec
SATA II = 300MB/sec + NCQ etc...

not that any drive can put out 150MB/sec anyways, but people only look at the technical max spec usually :)

29th July 2005, 04:46
And silly me starting to think VIA was becoming stable...