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21st July 2005, 07:08

Quote from News Page:

Posted: June, 1 2005 As always there were some slight bugs in the first larger release, so here comes directly a new version. Hopefully this will fix most issues with the last version. CDRDAO problems will partly persists (not starting up), perhaps try a differently compiled EXE, any with version number equal or greater to 1.1.9 should work fine.
For those who still have problems with accessing freedb using EAC, please try the command line switch "-http1.1", you can, if it works for you, enter that directly into the properties of the desktop shortcut (http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/cswitch.gif) (the screenshot shows the german properties dialog, but the changes should be clear).
Hope you will like it :)

Posted: May, 10 2005 It took quite some time until this new version but I had to write my diploma thesis inbetween...
Stability should have greatly improved and there are some nice new features and some options people have requested. As a new additional feature there is now the possibility to use CDRDAO for writing CDs from EACs layout editor (like burnatonce), hope this will improve compatibility with most writers. Again, read more in the "News.rtf" file.
There is an archive with only EAC and a second one that also includes the CDRDAO package for easy download. In a few days, if everything works out, there will be also an windows installer package to make installation as easy as possible for beginners.

Quote from release notes:

What’s new in version 0.95 beta 2

Fixed some starting up issues and “Expecting only one toc-file” problems using CDRDAO
Added a new experimental command line switch for those still having freedb problems
Some smaller fixes

What’s new in version 0.95 beta 1

Wave editor and native interface stability improved
Many bug fixes (E.g. extraction engine crashes, CDDB problems, compression queue)
Added interface for CDRDAO for CD writing
Inserting all tracknames from Clipboard using Ctrl+Shift+V

Happy d/l y'all ... :)

19th October 2005, 04:30
Beta 3 is released:

What’s new in version 0.95 beta 3

Added option for fill track list from clipboard
On power down it is now possible to wait for external compressors finish compressing the queue
Fixed issue with “START xx:xx:xx behind or at track end” using CDRDAO
Added command line switch for long time-out on freedb requests (satellite connections)
Many smaller bug fixes and additions