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27th June 2005, 13:05
After investigating Olympus own accessories for C-765, I found those "rather" expensive and went looking for 3rd party optics. I started with Kenko, but I didn't find wide lens that would fit on my needs. Next I found out that Raynox had what I was looking for, plus they had also filter ring extender for C-765 that had 52mm screws, so that I didn't need to buy Olympus original CLA-4 adapter and few step down rings.

So, I ordered
- Raynox RRT5245C7 (extender for C-7xxUZ. converts 45.6mm screw to standard 52mm screw)
- Raynox DCR-730 (0.7x wide conversion kit)

This will take the C-765 rather mild wide from 38mm to 26.6mm (at 35mm scale). Total price including shipping and postage (from local importer) was under 100 Euros.

Anyone else here has used extenders / conversion kits?

1st July 2005, 06:40
Conversion lens and adapter came this morning and looks very good so far. I quickly checked that parts fit in the camera and how full time autofocus works with the lens. Suprisingly, there's no vignetting in the picture even with the camera having own optics in tele position.

During this weekend I'll take closer look how those work in use. :)

7th July 2005, 11:07
Raynox DCR-730 :up: :)
It works just as promised and does not vignete pictures in either scale of zoom. It does reduce the amount of light coming to CCD, but then again, it makes the camera also heavier and now you get a good grip from the extender tube, so slower times without tripod can be used than previously.

compared to price, it is excelent choice at least for Olympus users. (it can be attached to whole bunch of different makes and models as well, so if I change camera, I most likely need just new ring converter.)

and during next 5 days it goes to ultimate testing, while I am leaving to Kilpisjarvi area again for couple of days. Kilpisjarvi is located at Northwest finland, basically next to the point where Norway, Sweden and Finland borders meet each other. (should be easy to locate from any map that shows nordic countries and their border lines.)

Pictures? you bet. :) Hopefully also new panoramas. :)