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7th June 2005, 03:59
OK, this is a weird one I admit...

My sister has a very pesky speaking bird (uhmm...don't know English name, search for "gwarek" on google image search) that...well...doesn't speak almost (probably...) at all. Almost...unfortunatelly :/
And he especially doesn't speak when someobody's in room, etc
So: she has the idea to record it (she claims that once the bird speaks, he speaks almost perfectly...oh well, some imagination probably)

Here's the idea: I'll donate my very old laptop (with win95...) to the cause...unfortunatelly it has very small HDD, so speex, ogg or some other heavy compression would be great I guess (voice activated recording - perfect). Since this is my dumb sister and I'm not living with family anymore, it would be preferable if the thing started automatically with win and reamained...well, not in front will be enough I guess (but it's not necessesity; if she claims she trained the bird, I hope I can train her...)

Any ideas?

7th June 2005, 05:12
Hmm, so basically you need software that acts as a voice activated dictaphone...

Googling for 'voice activated dictaphone software' yielded this link:


7th June 2005, 09:24
I think Creative has a software for their webcam that does just that. Or maybe it's Logitech?

7th June 2005, 10:16
ckeck these out


I didn't check those for myself, but at least there's a chance that one of those free audio editing apps will let you record upon a triggered level