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Jon P. Inghram
3rd June 2005, 23:28


3rd June 2005, 23:39
Same for me

4th June 2005, 01:53
No use trying to fight it, you're an eight-sided die, a d8. A fine example of simple elegance, the d8 is one of the least appreciated types of dice, and is often neglected. You are known to be quiet and shy, outward traits that conceal viscous sarcasm and mean wit. You are very smart, yet wise enough to hide your intelligence the quicker they found out how smart you are, the sooner they'll put you to work, which is something you can do without. People call you dark and pessimistic, or moody and cynical. You find little point in arguing.

same for me

4th June 2005, 04:33

You are the large, round, friendly d20! (You probably didn't know this, but the shape of the twenty-sided die is called an Icosahedron.) You are the friendly, outgoing, outspoken, leader of friends. You are often looked up to, even though you don't normally deserve it. Most other types secretly wish they were you, and you'd give them tips on how, if only you had a clue yourself. Your charisma is often all you need, but you have your occasional moments of brilliance as well--just never when it's actually needed. You are the all-around good guy, a dependable chum, a respectable foe, and an inspiration to those who need one. Who says you can't get by on a smile and good looks alone?


4th June 2005, 09:33

4th June 2005, 10:50

You are a four-sided die, a d4. Otherwise known as a tetrahedron, a "Caltrop", or (to a lesser degree) "Ol' Pointy". This crap bores you, so I'll get to the point. Others tend to see you as petty, conniving, manipulative, argumentative, defensive, greedy, and needlessly antagonistic. You see yourself as focused, effective, efficient, influencing, shrewd, tactical, and direct. Both points of view are in fact correct. You always know the best way to get things done, a fact that never wins sympathy with others. Whenever you manage to gain control of a situation, your solutions are swift and brutal. Unfortunately everyone else is convinced that granting you such power is, "a bad thing" and often conspire to keep it out of your hands. Such short-sighted fools!

4th June 2005, 11:24

You are a good old-fashioned six-sided cube, otherwise known as a d6. Others know you to be plain, predictable, conservative, average, ordinary, and downright boring. You prefer to describe yourself as dependable, honest, practical and trustworthy. People usually know what to expect from you, since you rarely hold any surprises. You hate to make decisions, and if forced to decide, you'll always fall back on how it was done in the past. You always order the same thing at your favorite restaurant, and your jokes, while funny, are never too offensive. It seems that you are well liked, but maybe that's simply because there's nothing to hate.

4th June 2005, 11:26
D8 here.

4th June 2005, 14:59

4th June 2005, 18:59

I love it...

Jon P. Inghram
4th June 2005, 20:04
Anyone ever stepped on a D4? They ain't kidding about them being evil. :D

4th June 2005, 21:35
I thought I was a bit more aggressive but hey... this is kind of what I am in a way


4th June 2005, 22:57
I thought I was a bit more aggressive but hey...I wouldn't hold much stock in this. I told my wife about my results (d6, plain, predictable, conservative, average, ordinary, and downright boring) and she gave me one of these ... :confused: . She thought it was way off.

4th June 2005, 22:59
What he said


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5th June 2005, 08:20

A bit dissapointed...
And do they have to call the jpg "boring.jpg" ? :eek:


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