View Full Version : Mainconcept MainActor v5.5 Linux

Dr Mordrid
31st May 2005, 20:11
Finally some decent toys for the Linux people;



And one other goodie;

Buy once, use twice - unlock the MainActor v5 Linux and Windows version with the same serial number
Dr. Mordrid

Brian Ellis
1st June 2005, 03:45
What upsets me is that you have to have different versions for each flavour of Linux and they don't have one for Fedora/Red Hat. Also, you have to upgrade the app when you upgrade Linux (or vice versa).

Because they optimise for Suse, I obtained a Suse demo a coupla weeks ago, but it's impossible to load an external app to it, because it uses a DVD as the boot drive. I've heard that the MC offering is the best one for Linux, but it is DV only, as I understand it. It will encode to MPEG but there is no authoring.

I'd like to try it though, when I have time (rare commodity, these days :( )