View Full Version : Using a Cisco VOIP phone on SIP (Gossiptel or whoever)

19th April 2005, 13:26
Hi all,

Trying to get a Cisco 7940 (or a mate's 7960) to connect to gossiptel (or any sip voip provider) but not having much luck. We can call out ok, but incoming goes just to voicemail (or nowhere if you turn voicemail off). It's as if the phone isn't logging in to the service.

Any ideas? It's supposedly possible to get this working - I've copied all the settings from a working x-lite softphone....

19th April 2005, 13:35
Get Helevitia. He works for Cisco ;)

19th April 2005, 13:44
Sorry, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I don't touch IP phones here at work. I just use one :)

Do you have a Cisco support contract? If so, give us a call!