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19th April 2005, 06:29
Today on Dell's 7 Business Days of Savings (http://www.dell.com/html/ca/en/segments/bsd/7days_q105/dell_main.html)


Dell PowerEdge 420SC Server Bundle for $349 with free shipping. Works out to $401 shipped with tax included. It's a pretty low end box, with Celeron 2.53GHz, 256MB, 40GB SATA, but it also includes a free 16-port switch. Pretty good deal if you're looking for a cheap server to stick in a closet somewhere.

19th April 2005, 06:46
not bad.. are their servers as quiet as their desktops?.. my girlfriends dell is so much more quiet than my homebuild :o

19th April 2005, 09:37
I don't have any experience with their budget servers, but their high-end rackmount servers are very very loud.

19th April 2005, 10:01
I doubt it's quiet.

I bought a bunch of Dell Poweredge 1800s for work. 675W power supply, standard. Moves quite a bit of air.

19th April 2005, 12:45
Celeron for a server? Now I've seen everything. :rolleyes:

19th April 2005, 13:29
Hey, don't you there forget it's Intel!