View Full Version : How to reset password on HP Omnibook 6100?

24th March 2005, 07:47
Friend of mine asked me to reset the startup password on a HP Omnibook 6100. I opened the laptop, and cleared CMOS but it seems that password isn't stored there. I could phone HP and ask them to calculate the master password according to serial number but the sticker is scratched and I can't read the numbers on it. Since it was bought used, there's also a possibility it could be stolen (that's why the numbers would be scratched off) so I don't want to give out my personal data to HP and compromise myself.
Does someone know of a way to kill that password by shorting some pins/flashing something/whatever?

Thanks in advance guys...

24th March 2005, 08:41
nope, it has a chip soldered to the mainboard, you can go on ebay and score one for 50ish USD and do it yourself

24th March 2005, 09:10
Argh... Thought so... :cry: Thanks Dil...

I Googled out something about shorting pins to reset RTC and get rid of the pass that way. Anyone knows something about that?