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13th March 2005, 11:56
Anyone use the firewall that comes withthe NForce boards? I did a reinstall on my primary system (had a couple werid things with it, due to BIOS issues at first with my Asus board) and now I'm having all sorts of performance issues with my browers, Like them not fully downloading webpages and just sucky performance. I thought it was ISP with their crappy DNS servers, but I went on my laptop last night and had no performance problems. I disabled the Firewall and I'm just using the windows firewall with my wireless router now. I didnt have the problem before when I first built the system and I dont have any performance issues with it disabled right now with just using the firewall in Windows and my router. I'm I missing a setting or some crap with the Nforce stuff?

13th March 2005, 12:13
last time i tried installing the NVidia Firewall it rendered the network connection entirely unusable.

of course, it could have just been the fact it was an entirely unsupported copy of it on an unsupported copy of windows...