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25th February 2005, 06:48

Do any of the MURCers here have experiences with ergonomic keyboard?

Lately, my fingers really hurt when I type (I suffer from juvenile rheumatic arthritis), to the extent where it is hampering my work. :disapp:

Which do you guys use? Does it help?

I am slightly tempted by the Datahand keyboard: http://www.datahand.com/products/default.htm - it's price is temporarely at 50% :eek: - but the price is still quite steep for a keyboard. For that price, I'd want to be sure it would be beneficial. Apart from the price, the learning curve slightly puts me off, but not too much.
Has anyone here ever worked with such a keyboard?

Other suggestions?



25th February 2005, 07:44
You could also consider alternative keyboard layouts such as the Dvorak (http://www.mwbrooks.com/dvorak/) (or equivalent for Flemmish :p) - I've heard some people sing its praises...

25th February 2005, 07:56
I haven't heard of a Dutch Dvorak, but most texts I type are in English (even texts that don't make it on MURC :p).

But I doubt it will help much: the typing position is the same and the keys are stil hit the same way. As soon as I start typing a text, the pain increases; even for very short texts. :(


25th February 2005, 08:10
Have you - apart from looking for a new keyboard) seen a doctor about this and gotten his advice? Also, your sitting position may influence your hand problems.


25th February 2005, 08:16
Get a secretary :)

25th February 2005, 08:17
I use a simple MS Natural Keyboard. WOrks great for me.

25th February 2005, 08:29
Originally posted by Jammrock
I use a simple MS Natural Keyboard. WOrks great for me.


25th February 2005, 12:39

25th February 2005, 14:05
az: Yes, I have been going to a specialist for over 15 years. My back and knee problems have more or less stabilized (thanks to medication), but the finger issue (every joint in my fingers hurts) gets worse (he is a bit worried by this evolution, I can tell by the way he looks at them :() In the last couple of weeks, it has gotten really bad, so I'll call him next week. My sitting position is more or less fine (great chair, one I bought and put in my office, desk is correct height, screen is in the correct position, ... I might change something to my desk to get better legroom though (will try it).

fluff: Imagine...
me: "I have this sentence to type"
she (of course ;)): "What kind of nonsense it this?"
me: "It is the next line for a Timmy and pink llamas thread"
she: :confused: "Whatever... (and to think I could be doing my nails)"
me: "Do you know C++"
she: "nope"
me: "ok, I'll start dictating... for (i=0; i<10; i++) { ..."
she's typing: "four eye equals zero; eye less than ..."
me: :eek:
:D (at least I haven't lost my sense of humour)
Also don't forget that I commonly use LaTeX to edit texts and formulas. So it is just not practical (and I doubt our department will pay up a secretary for a phd student).

I have tried those keyboards, and haven't felt much difference: the keystrokes are still quite similar. I had some wrist problems (probabely RSI-related) before, but changing to another chair has solved them (even without such a natural keyboard, due to the better sitting height and armspace).

Sasq: MS Keyboard on a MAC :eek: ;)

Pfffff... :cry:


25th February 2005, 16:16
actually the M$ drivers on the mac work better then on windows on My machine - they actually warn me about the batteries in the cordless dieing :p

I suffer from the same juvenile rheumatic arthritis fortunatly its mostly concentrated in my knees. But I am fairly broad accross the sholders, and the MS Keyboard is a godsend to any of us that the gene pool says should be out chopping down trees with our bare hands.

25th February 2005, 18:57
I also use the MS natural keyboard. Haven't had any problems with it in the past 5-6 years. The only difficulty is when I go to a straight keyboard and hit the wrong keys.


25th February 2005, 21:02
Here's the full range of MS hardware available for Macintosh computers:


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