View Full Version : Set top HDD recorder with DVD burner

16th February 2005, 14:27
Hey all...I figured someone here would have some opinions and/or suggestions on this.

I am looking to get a set top box that can record TV (or other input) to the HDD and then burn it to a DVD-x disc. Any recommendations?

I have heard some good things about the LiteOn LVW-5045, Pioneer DVD-520H and Panasonic DMR-E95HS.

Would love to hear what you folks have to say!


18th February 2005, 00:19
Pannies and Pioneers are considered the best DVDRs. I've had the Panasonic E80H for quite a while (what is it? going on two years?) and it's always working away. I really like the Panny system for moving videos between the DVDR and PC via DVD-RAM. I've stored away over 2 TB on removable HDDs so far. The PC Panny burner comes with a SW bundle which complements the DVDR nicely. Check out the AVS DVDR forum for tons of feedback on many DVDRs.