View Full Version : mediaportal (open source)

11th February 2005, 01:45
Has anyone tried this software:

It is an open source media portal software (allows you to control TV tuners, watch videos, play mp3, ...). Featurewise it looks very nice.

I tried it yesterday, and it wouldn't run though... The configure window appeared, I could configure everything, but the GUI of mediaportal just didn't load (I saw an empty window).

Any thoughts?


14th February 2005, 05:06
I got it to work: the program still has issues on multi monitor setups. When it is configured to start in full screen mode, it works (sort of: it shows a window the size of my primary display, but at a fixed, wrong position).

Still, it looks impressive...


14th February 2005, 16:55
cool, I will have to give that one a go myself.