View Full Version : Which drivers for 9800Pro AIW on new XP install?

Fat Tone
2nd February 2005, 09:40
Title says it all really. This is a brand new build with a 9800 Pro AIW. Should I avoid the 5.1s and stick with 4.12?


(System is Asus K8N, 2800 Athlon 64, 512MB, 160GB)

2nd February 2005, 11:12
5.1's are okay.

One you've installed mmc and if it works you're best not updating. MMC is reliable as there Linux drivers. Another words a pile of dog pooh.

Fat Tone
2nd February 2005, 12:08
OK ta, I'll give them a try as I don't have anything to lose at this point except my time.